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How to Overseed a Lawn

Summer still has a bit left, and you’re still trying to make your lawn look as lush as possible. However, everything you’re doing isn’t working. You mow it regularly, you water it, and yet it looks kind of thin. It’s definitely seen some better days.

So, what gives? There’s a chance that the lawn may need some overseeding. In this post, we’ll discuss overseeding lawns and the dos and don’ts concerning it.

What Is Overseeding?

Overseeding almost sounds like a negative term, doesn’t it? It sounds like you’re putting too many seeds in the lawn, making them unable to grow. However, overseeeding is a good thing.

Simply put, overseeding plants seeds into turf that already exists. This means that you don’t have to worry about tearing your lawn apart or having to till the soil or do any fancy gardening tricks.

Overseeding lets you:

  • Fill up any spots that are bare.
  • Make the turf denser.
  • Give more varieties of grass to your turf.
  • Improve the color of the lawn.

It should be noted that overseeding is not the same as reseeding. Reseeding your lawn means that you’re replacing the lawn altogether.

When to Do It

If you’re reading this article, then chances are that it’s still summer. Reseeding the lawn, if you live in the North, should be done around the fall or spring.

There are several reasons for this. Seeding in the fall means:

  • It’s cooler outside, so you won’t be sweating.
  • The soil is still quite warm because it’s not winter yet.
  • Less chance of weeds, which can damage your grass.

For people who live in the South, late spring or mid-summer is the best bet for you. You need warmer soil for it to work if you live in this space.

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Here’s How You Do it

Okay, now let’s discuss how you can overseed your lawn. Let’s break it down into steps.

Mow the Lawn Lower Than Usual

Go as low as possible and mow the lawn. This is because the seed needs to hit the ground and not get tangled up in the grass. Mow the lawn normally if the grass is too tall to be mowed on the mower’s lowest settings. Trust us on that one.

Get Rid of Any Debris

Dead grass shouldn’t stick around. Bag any clippings. You may need to rake the lawn as well. This can be a bit of a pain, but you do need to do that. If you don’t, you may not grow as much.

Pick Your Seed

Choose your grass seed. Depending on your lawn, you may need to pick a certain type. Some seeds are meant to thicken lawns, while others are meant for warmer seasons. If you are uncertain, there are articles that can help you identify what type of grass you have. In some cases, you should hire a professional to help you.

This also applies to the seeds. If you are unsure of which grass seed to pick, you should go to a gardening store and talk to a professional. They can hook you up with the best seed for your lawn.

Take Care of Your Soil

Some grass seeds have some soil and fertilizer mixed into it. This will allow you to spread the seeds without any hassle. However, if you don’t have that, rake a quarter inch layer of soil. This will let the seed settle, but it won’t be enough to suffocate the grass you already have.

Spread ‘Em

Now, it’s time to spread the seeds. In order to do it as evenly as possible, we recommend a seed spreader. This spreads the seeds evenly, and fills your lawn nicely. Make sure your spreader’s settings are adjusted according to the instructions of the seed bag label.

Feed the Seeds

Your seeds need nutrients to grow. Go to your gardening store and look for some food meant for grass seeds. A good fertilizer can help as well. Then, spread it. Your seeds will gobble it up.

Water It

The seeds need to be watered once a day, or perhaps twice. They don’t need too much water, so don’t overdo it. You will have to do this until the seeds have grown to the same height as the remainder of the lawn. Then, you can water the grass normally.

When Do You Need to Start All Over?

As we said, overseeding is not reseeding. Reseeding is when you kill the grass you already have and start anew. This can be a bit more work, so you may wonder when you should reseed.

The answer is if your lawn is filled with weeds. The number of weeds seems to be more than the grass you have, which can make your lawn unsightly. This is when it’s time to start again. A fresh start isn’t all bad, with all things said.

Any Other Tips?

If you’re new to all of this, perhaps overseed a part of your lawn before you do the rest. This can let you test everything and make sure you’re ready to go. Follow all instructions carefully. If you end up doing something wrong, double check your methods. You may still be able to fix the problem.

If you’re still having bad luck, you may need to hire a pro. They can help you find out what you’re doing wrong and make any changes as needed. However, this is an extreme circumstance; most people should be able to overseed just fine.

How to Prevent This in the Future

Now that you’ve overseeded your lawn, you may not want to do it again anytime soon. While lawns can thin over time due to aging, you can slow down that process. One way is to water your lawn properly and mow it regularly. Basic lawn maintenance can keep your lawn happy and healthy for a long time.

And that is overseeding. It’s an easy enough process, and it can keep your lawn looking good. Good luck.

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