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The Best Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow in 2022

Whether you’re gardening, farming, or you just want to move around heavy loads (because…why not?), a heavy duty wheelbarrow can help you with this task. Plus, while we don’t often think of the aesthetics of the wheelbarrow, a good looking wheelbarrow can add some character to your garden.

Besides gardening, a heavy duty wheelbarrow can be fun to use if you have children and you want to take them on a ride, though some wheelbarrows are better for that than others.

However, which is the best wheelbarrow for sale on the market today? If you don’t want to take a trip to the gardening store, you can actually find quality wheelbarrows for a good price on Amazon and similar retailers. Today, we will look at the best heavy duty wheelbarrow online.

heavy duty wheelbarrow

What Should I Look for When Buying Heavy Duty Wheelbarrows?

You may think that a wheelbarrow is not something you need to think too much about. You just need a wheelbarrow that can carry a load and is easy to push, right? However, it is a little more complicated than you think. Should it be a two wheel, single wheel, or have four wheels? Should it be made from plastic, metal, or another material? What about the color?

Let’s list some things you should look for when getting a wheelbarrow.


Steel vs Plastic

Back in the old days, most wheelbarrows were made from wood. In modern times, the wheelbarrows you may find are typically made from plastic or steel. When choosing the best wheelbarrow for the job, you may wonder what material you should choose.

Steel wheelbarrows can handle heavy loads better, usually having a larger capacity. One downside to them is that they can rust unless you get a good rust proof model. Having a proper place to store the wheelbarrow is always important, but it’s especially so if your wheelbarrow is made from steel.

Then, you have plastic. The plastic wheelbarrow is cheaper and is not as hard on your back. They are also fully rust proof. However, it may have a smaller capacity. If you have some very heavy loads, you may want to look elsewhere. A plastic wheelbarrow is more weather resistant, but if you live in a place with harsh winters, you should store the wheelbarrow away from extreme temperatures, as extreme cold may make it crack.


How Much Space Does it Take?

If you live in an area with little room, you should look for a wheelbarrow that is a little less spacey. Some wheelbarrows may be able to fold, taking up less space, but they may not be the best for heavy loads.


What About the Handles?

When you pick a wheelbarrow, you may notice that it either has straight handles, or closed. The closed handle is also known as the loop handle. A straight handle is easier to maneuver and easier to flip, but you do need more strength. If you lack strength, the loop handle can make pulling easier, and it is ergonomic to boot.

Wheels - When picking a wheelbarrow, you may see that you can typically choose from the single wheel or one with two wheels. The single wheel is the traditional design, having two braces in the back and one wheel in the front. The single wheel is easier to dump and maneuver, but you may need more strength. Meanwhile, the two wheel wheelbarrow is more stable but not as maneuverable.

Tires - There are two types of tires. First, there are pneumatic tires, also known as air filled. If your wheelbarrow has pneumatic tires, it can absorb shocks and feel easier to push. However, pneumatic tires can burst and may not handle rough terrain. These pneumatic tires need a little more maintenance as well. So, overall, air filled tires have both their pros and cons.

Then, you have a wheel called solid rubber. These are not as smooth, but they are much tougher. You also have the semi-pneumatic, which is a tire that doesn’t need inflation but has more shock protection.

Color - This is more of an aesthetic choice, but there are some reasons to be selective. Maybe you want a wheelbarrow that blends in with your garden, or you want one that will contrast. No mattter the motivation, the color can be a little important.

Assembly - Since you’re ordering these heavy duty wheelbarrows online, most of them come disassembled. Because of this, you will probably want one that is easy to put together. Some have a design that makes for quick assembly, but there are also wheelbarrows that make you feel like you’re putting together a car by hand.

Capacity - If you need the best wheelbarrow for tough jobs, you are going to be looking at wheelbarrows that have a large capacity. Obviously, this is subjective. Some people may think of wheelbarrows that can hold 300 pounds or more as heavy duty. Meanwhile, others may look to wheelbarrows that are over 1,000 pounds in capacity if they want something that’s heavy duty.

While the capacity is important, so is the size of its basin. Usually, it’s measured in cubic feet. One that is 2 cubic feet is usually a smaller, more compact wheelbarrow. Meanwhile, a wheelbarrow with a 6 cubic foot capacity is used for contractors. You may not need a 6 cubic foot wheelbarrow for a heavy job, but many may want a 6 cubic foot just to have more capacity.

With weight capacity, you should not have a load that is beyond its capacity. The wheelbarrow can tip over or break if your load is too heavy. It’s not something you want to test, especially if you’re someone who is going to be using the wheelbarrow for frequent jobs.

Price - Finally, when looking at a wheelbarrow, sale price is important. You may have a budget in mind, and you don’t want to go over it. In most cases, wheelbarrows cost around the same, but there are some wheelbarrows for higher budgets. Finding the right price is important. Later on, we will talk more about this.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Heavy Duty Wheelbarrows

We looked at many wheelbarrows that could handle heavy loads. We tried to pick from a variety, such as single wheel and two wheels. Also, we picked several at different price ranges. Finally, we looked for heavy duty wheelbarrows that had an overall positive review score.

#1: Gorilla Carts Poly Yard Dump Cart (Best Value – All-Purpose)

Gorilla Carts Poly Yard Dump Cart demonstration

If you’re looking for the best wheelbarrow for the job, you can’t go wrong with a product that has “Gorilla” in it. From Gorilla Glue to Gorilla Tape, it’s usually a sign that the product is tough.

This wheelbarrow can handle up to 1,200 pounds, making it good for most heavy duty garden jobs. This is a two wheel wheelbarrow, and it uses pneumatic tires. It’s important to know that before you purchase, as some people want a single wheel.

One feature of the Gorilla Cart is that it has a quick release, making dumping much easier. This makes the two wheel wheelbarrow on par with the single. The two in one handle can be pulled or towed, and the frame is easy to assemble.

Finally, the price makes it a good mid-ranged wheelbarrow, being a little higher than some on this list, but not too expensive. Because of this, Gorilla Carts gets picked for the number one on this list. Also, you can buy Gorilla Carts with a shovel, tape, or other accessories, allowing you to save.

This plastic wheelbarrow is easy to maneuver and has seems good for most uses, but what do the reviews say? Reviews of Gorilla Carts are highly positive, having a nearly perfect 4.8 out of 5 star score as of this writing. Most customers say that it can take a heavy load, and it’s quite easy to use as a garden cart or dump cart. The few negative scores seem to be people who got duds, but otherwise, most people are satisfied.

In conclusion, you want to get this one if you’re looking for a mid-range wheelbarrow with heavy capacity and the ability to dump it with ease. This is number one because it manages to combine the traditional wheelbarrow with some conveniences of the 21st century. It’s an overall great tool.

#2: Landworks Electric Wheelbarrow (Best Splurge)

Landworks Wheelbarrow Utility Cart Electric Powered 24V DC 180W AGM Battery 330lbs (150kgs) Max Capacity Barrel Dump Material Debris Hauler

This wheelbarrow is for someone who has a higher budget. Much higher, in fact. What makes the price point worth it? Let’s find out.

First, this is a powered wheelbarrow. These are wheelbarrows that use machinery to make the wheelbarrow easy to maneuver, allowing it to go across the terrain with ease. This uses a rechargeable battery with some decently fast charge times and the ability to withstand cold temperatures. Many users say that the battery wil last all day.

It’s not the most heavy duty dump cart or garden cart on this list, having a capacity that’s a little over 300 pounds. For some, 330 pounds is more than enough unless you have some heavy jobs. Keep that in mind when you purchase it. It has four cubic feet for capacity, too.

This is a dual wheel wheelbarrow, which means that it has two wheels and that’s it, but its design makes it easy to dump.

Finally, this dual wheel machine has a steel frame that is rustproof, so weather should not be a problem. However, the water resistance of this electric machine is unknown.

This wheelbarrow is recommended for those who have bad backs, who garden all day, or who do garden work as a daily job. It can be a great investment if you do any of the above. While most people should work just fine with a regular wheelbarrow, having an electric is a great experience.

Reviews are positive. Most people say that this was the best wheelbarrow if you need something that is easy to maneuver. Most reviews said it could carry 300 pounds with ease and having it feels like they have someone helping them out.

There are few negative reviews of this dual wheel, with the lone one-star review saying that they had problems with the throttle and the battery working for long. With most reviewers saying that this dual wheel lasts a long time on a single charge, it seems this reviewer got a dud.

Overall, this is a great one if you are a professional or you want a wheelbarrow that can give you the best experience possible in regards to ease. Pushing hundreds of pounds has never been easier.

#3: Worx Aerocart (Best All in One)

Worx Aerocart wheelbarrow all configurations

The wheelbarrow has evolved, with some wheelbarrows feeling like a Swiss Army Knife. This wheelbarrow is good if you also want something to hold your bag, be a dolly, move rocks or plants, tote trailers, and, of course, be a wheelbarrow. It has a 300 pound capacity, and despite the fact that it can do a lot, it claims to be easy to assemble.

One picture in the description even shows a parent pushing their kid in the Worx Aerocart, so that’s something to consider as well.

For some people, they just want a garden cart or a dump cart. They don’t want something with all those features, and that’s fine. However, the Worx Aerocart is amazing if you do want something that can do it all.

Reviews of the Worx Aerocart have been quite positive. Most say that for casual garden use or if you need an all in one tool, this is the best wheelbarrow to get. To them, it’s a decent, steel frame wheelbarrow that works awesomely for most uses.

Negative reviews say that it’s not as heavy duty as they believed. Of course, being a Swiss Army wheelbarrow, it’s not going to be for hardcore garden jobs. However, if you need an all in one that can help you with various tasks, this yard cart may be for you. It’s a novelty item, but one that has a little more bite than your standard product you see on TV. Check it out if you’re someone who wants a device that does it all.

#4: Marathon Yard Rover (Best Low Cost)

Marathon Yard Rover wheelbarrow demonstration

Sometimes, you don’t want anything too fancy. Who needs an 8-in-1 or an electric wheelbarrow when you just wnat something that is cheap, easy, and gets the job done? That’s why the Yard Rover exists. It’s a high quality wheelbarrow for a cheap price.

This is a two wheel, with air filled tires that functions quite well. It has an ergonomic handle and a steel frame that doesn’t rust. Also, the tray has a 5 cubic feet capacity, making it good for most casual jobs.

Assembly is also easy, and it only needs a wrench and a screwdriver. It’s also a light wheelbarrow, weighing 25 pounds. For most people, it should be easy to push this around.

Of course, while this 5 cubic feet wheelbarrow may work for most, we still wonder what the reviews of the Yard Rover say. Reviews are quite positive, with most saying the Yard Rover is a great little yard cart if you’re looking for something quick and easy. Most negative reviews point out that this yard cart doesn’t hold that much and is small at 5 cubic feet, but what did they expect from a budget cart? If you’re looking for some casual garden work, you can’t go wrong with this yard cart.

While we wouldn’t recommend it for hardcore work, it’s great for the occasional load. Try it and see if this wheelbarrow is for you. You may find that it works quite spectacularly for something cheap.

#5: Gorilla Carts GOR800-COM (Best Wagon Wheelbarrow)

If your family ever pulled you in a little red wagon, this yard cart with four wheels may be familiar. This is that wagon, but all grown up. This steel cart has 10 inch air filled tires, making manuvering it a cinch. It’s also quite easy to assemble, as you may expect from a good wheelbarrow. It holds about 400 pounds as well, making it great for heavy loads.

It has mesh sides, and you are able to remove them if you need a little more space, adding some extra convenience if you need help tending to your garden.

So, what do the reviews say? Most say that this is a great little garden cart, making work easy. For most people, this worked just fine. Negative reviews seem to center around this cart not handling a season of heavy duty work, or some people being skeptical that it can hold 800 pounds. Another reviewer said that they put their niece in there and the wagon tipped over. So keep in mind that this may not be a good substitute for the childhood wagon. But it will work fine if you want to transport a load that is a little bit heavy.

On a Budget? Try these budget-friendly Wheelbarrows:

If you are just wanting a wheelbarrow or garden cart for casual use, then you can find some for a fair price. Let’s look at several of them.

#1 Budget: True Truper Steel Wheelbarrow

This is a simple steel wheelbarrow that has a cubic foot size of 6 cubic feet and never flat tire. It’s good for small jobs, and it has positive reviews. If you need a good wheelbarrow, you can’t go wrong with this one.

#2 Budget: Gorilla Poly Yard Cart

At under $90 this stylish black/ yellow poly yard cart will carry 4 cubic feet and up to 300 pounds. With impact-resistant poly bed is built to handle the toughest jobs and working conditions. With large 10 in. pneumatic tires it will easily roll over any terrain. A unique push or pull design for easy movement and emptying.

#3 Budget: Green Thumb 2 Wheel Poly Wheelbarrow

The 5 cubic feet poly tray gives you good access and the ability to carry oversized loads. It easily rolls over terrain with a sturdy black powder-coated frame with loop handle. The Loop handle is easy for pushing, pulling and lifting to empty.

How Much Does a Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow Cost?

The cost of a wheelbarrow can depend on what type you’re getting. There are cheaper wheelbarrows that can cost around $50, but you can also get higher-end ones for triple that price. Let’s look at several factors that can determine the cost of the wheelbarrow.


Obviously, the bigger load a wheelbarrow can carry, the more the price is. The size isn’t the be-all, end-all of the wheelbarrow’s cost, but a bigger one can affect the cost.

Materials Used

Most wheelbarrows are either plastic or steel. A steel wheelbarrow can hold a lot more in regards to load, and is tougher, especially if you get one that is rust resistant. Plastic is a cheaper material, but if you’re looking to carry a large load, it may not be able to do it as easy. You may get what you pay for in that regard.


Most wheelbarrows are manual, which means that you do the pushing. However, there are some that are gas or electric powered, which means that you get help pushing the load. A powered wheelbarrow can be a lot more expensive, and it may not be worth it unless you really use one a lot.


A wheelbarrow with a higher wheel count may cost more. A larger wheel may cost more, but it can allow for easier pushing.

Several other factors can contribute to the cost of a wheelbarrow. If you can’t afford one, you may want to look to buying one used, finding it at a thrift store, or waiting for wheelbarrow sales to happen, for example, during the off-season. Let’s look at other ways you can save on a wheelbarrow.

Figure Out Exactly What You Need It For

With a wheelbarrow, it is possible to overspend. You may just need a wheelbarrow for a small load and you don’t plan on using it that much. You don’t need the best 6 cubic feet wheelbarrow around. It is natural to want the best wheelbarrow out there. But if you’re not going to use the wheelbarrow for heavy jobs, you may be better off with a cheapie. If you were going to use it all the time, a cheap one would break down, and it would end up costing you more money. But you don’t need the best 6 cubic feet wheelbarrow for casual use.

Try to Look Locally

Looking locally may be your best bet, especially if you can’t order online. While you can find it cheap online, sometimes you may be better off locally due to less costs to ship it. Even if you get free Amazon shipping, the cost can still be present. Plus, if you are not satisfied with your order, return shipping can cost some money due to the size of the product.

When you look locally, try to find local garden shops that will sell you a wheelbarrow. You may be able to get a deal.

Buy Used

You can always try to buy a wheelbarrow used. Sometimes, you can get lucky and find a wheelbarrow at the thrift shop. However, you may be better off looking to Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. You may find plenty of people who want to sell their old wheelbarrow.

You do need to make sure your cart has enough space. In addition, you may want to try out the wheelbarrow before you buy. Some people sell working wheelbarrows because they need money, or because they are trying to upgrade. However, you may run into a dishonest seller who is getting rid of their wheelbarrow because it’s broken. Feel free to ask if you can take it for a spin. If they refuse, that’s a bit suspicious.

When you do take it for a spin, see if it can handle a heavy load. Look at each wheel. If they have air, make sure each wheel doesn’t have any leaks or other problems. Look for any flaw you can. With a plastic wheelbarrow, you do want to make sure there aren’t any cracks. This can destroy the entire device.

Alternatively, if there is a problem, maybe you can get it for cheap. For example, if there is a wheel problem, perhaps the cost to replace the wheel is worth it.

Verdict: Your Best Heavy Duty Wheelbarrows

We found the best wheelbarrows, put them all in a large cubic foot container, and delivered them to you. In case you were busy hauling a heavy load of your own, here are the top five best wheelbarrows.

First, there’s the Gorilla Carts. This is a great wheelbarrow if you have a large load, and it has a mid-range price. For most people, this should be good for yard work.

Next up, we have the Landworks Electric Wheelbarrow. This wheelbarrow runs on electricity and can be the ultimate tool if you need some extra help for the yard. While not the best in regards to load capacity, it is the highest price and the most convenient for people who don’t like to push a manual.

Then, we have the Worx Aerocart as the third best. This is a wheelbarrow that you can transform into a dolly or a bag carrier and has several other functions. It’s an easy purchase if you are looking for a casual wheelbarrow that has more than just one function.

The Marathon Yard Rover is the fourth on this list. This isn’t the biggest cubic foot wheelbarrow, nor does it carry the biggest load. However, this is a good wheelbarrow if you’re needing a casual load transported and you don’t have too big of a budget.

Finally, there’s the GOR800-COM. This is good if you want a four wheel cart-style wheelbarrow. It’s a unique one for sure.

And there you have it. When you need a heavy duty wheelbarrow, these can get the job done. Happy gardening.

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